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The Blume Arena is an indoor arena in Oakland. It frequently hosts basketball games, concerts and ice hockey games. 
―In-game description

Blume Arena is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Blume Arena is located on the east side of the map in Oakland. It is located west of Woodland and southeast of Pacific Renaissance Plaza.


Blume Arena is a large circular arena with an enclosed roof topped by the flags of the in-game basketball team, the Oakland Ohlones. The arena is situated on a small island in Oakland, surrounded by a canal (based on the real-life Lion Creek which leads to the San Leandro Bay). The entrance and exit roads are two ramps on the north side of the island. It has a reasonably sized parking area with a few basketball courts and a tourist kiosk. There is also a large parking area on the south side with a number of coach buses and trucks. There are two restricted areas on the island as well.

Restricted Areas

  • On the southwest side of the island, inside a canal tunnel that runs under the highway, it is guarded by three 580s and a guard dog.
  • On the north side by the entrance ramp, it is guarded by six 580s.



  • One "Oakland Ohlones" themed tourist kiosk, which features the following clothing items available for purchase by Marcus.
Item Price
  • Basketball Fan: Black Cap
  • Basketball Fan: Blue Cap
  • Basketball Fan: Multicolored Cap
  • Basketball Fan: Orange Cap
  • OAK Fan Hat: The 6th Man
  • OAK Fan Top: Game Jersey
  • OAK Fan Top: Supporter Tee
  • OAK Fan Top: Warmup Shirt
  • $249
  • $249
  • $249
  • $249
  • $249
  • $374
  • $374
  • $374


  • 3 Research Points, one in each of the restricted areas and another on the north side of the main building near the roof.


  • The arena is sponsored by Blume Corporation, as its name implies.
  • The arena is based on the Oakland Arena in Oakland.
  • The Oakland Ohlones basketball team is based on the real-life Golden State Warriors.
    • Ohlone was the name for the Native Americans who lived in the Northern California region; this is a reference to the Golden State Warriors' use of Native American imagery up until 2009, when it was completely phased out.
    • Despite being based on the Warriors, the Ohlones' logo is more based on that of the Los Angeles Lakers and the older font of the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • During the evening hours, you can hear the sound of a crowd and basketball game from the arena.
  • In real life, there is another stadium, the Oakland Coliseum, located next to Oakland Arena that doesn't appear in the game.