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Bloodline is a story expansion DLC for Watch Dogs: Legion.


The Bloodline DLC features Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs, and Wrench, the tritagonist of Watch Dogs 2 as playable characters. Supporting characters include Jackson Pearce, Aiden's nephew; Skye Larsen; and Thomas Rempart, the main antagonist of the DLC. Along with new story missions, the DLC will add Resistance Missions for Aiden and Fixer Contracts for Wrench.


Set before the events of Watch Dogs: Legion, the DLC expansion begins with Aiden sitting in his car in Chicago only to receive a call from Jordi, telling him about a fixer gig that he couldn't take due to "travel restrictions". Aiden then asks what the catch is, leading to Jordi telling him that it's in London. Aiden reluctantly agrees to this gig, knowing that London is where his nephew Jackson now lives, and that he could potentially be in trouble, and sets off to London.

Aiden infiltrates Broca Tech's Deep Labs, where he acquires photographic evidence of a new robot design project, headed by Thomas Rempart; he is also tasked with retrieving a device called the BrocaBridge. However, his attempts were foiled by Wrench, who also wants the BrocaBridge for his own goals. A struggle ensues between the two, which results in Wrench escaping and Aiden being captured by Rempart's men. Aiden later escapes and makes contact with Jackson, who has been living and studying at a STEM university for his PhD in London. Despite not wanting to get involved, Jackson guides Aiden toward a DedSec contact, Connie Robinson, who helps him get set up in exchange for helping out with several tasks. Rempart also contacts Aiden, demanding him to retrieve the BrocaBridge while threatening to harm Jackson.

Afterwards, Jackson and Aiden manage to track down Wrench's hideout, allowing Aiden to find him. Wrench reveals that he was hired by Rempart to design the robots for his projects, but was ultimately betrayed, thus he seeks vengeance against him by stealing the BrocaBridge. Rempart later contacts Aiden and reveals he has kidnapped Jackson, and demands the BrocaBridge in exchange. Aiden enters Rempart's headquarters and hands over a fake BrocaBridge made by Wrench, which explodes and injures Rempart, allowing Aiden and Jackson to escape, though Aiden ends up being injured and falls into a coma. Wrench then agrees to help Jackson gather medical supplies to help Aiden recover, and also carry out several fixer contracts for Jordi in Aiden's place. Later, Jackson is contacted by Broca Tech founder Skye Larsen, who wishes to help with Aiden's recovery, in hopes of taking down Rempart for taking over her facilities. Larsen proposes an experimental trial on Jackson using the BrocaBridge to link his mind with Aiden's, which he agrees to do in spite of Wrench's protest. Jackson enters Aiden's mind with the BrocaBridge, revisiting several memories from his past, and ultimately succeeds in saving him.

Wrench later tracks down Rempart, who is attempting to escape London on his own barge. Fighting his way through Rempart's robot army, Wrench successfully defeats Rempart with Aiden's help, and hands him over to Albion authorities.



  • Wrench's Safehouse, located at Brixton Barrier Block, was made accessible to all players in story mode and online mode with Title Update 4.0 on May 4, apparently by mistake. It was removed with a PC patch later that month, and it later became inaccessible on all platforms with the release of Title Update 4.5 on June 1.
  • There are multiple references to mainstream media in the DLC:
    • Marcus and Wrench discuss ⁣how the movie 'Devon v Devin' would end. There, Wrench mentions the movie Alien vs Predator.
    • After Wrench defeats the main antagonist, Thomas Rempart, he ties him up to let Albion arrest Rampart. He sticks a note on Rempart, saying "Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Wrench", referencing the superhero Spider-Man.
    • Wrench writes on his fridge "Sk8er Boi". That is a reference to Avril Lavigne's song with the same name.