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Retractable cylindrical blockers in Watch Dogs

Blockers, or bollards, are hackable mechanical objects found around Chicago in Watch Dogs, and San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2.


Bollards are generally located within minor roadways. Blockers are strong enough to withstand car crashes, and if a player drives any vehicle into blockers when they are raised, the car will immediately be destroyed. No other object in the game does this, besides gas tanks.

Through hacking, they can be extended or retracted at will. As shown in a demo, two sets of blockers can be activated simultaneously in certain cases, to be used against pursuers attempting to cut you off via roads to the left and right simultaneously.


The bollards, designed to be controlled by CTOS, are specifically retractable bollards, and are not to be confused with non-retractable bollards which can be found in the game but are just simply destructible, non-functional objects.


Two types of blockers can be found in Watch Dogs. The most common type are the standard cylinders, but in Pawnee and Brandon Docks, triangular prism blockers are used. The triangular blockers work by having a slab built into the road, which when activated rises at an angle to be able to stop vehicles. It should be noted if the player drives on these the wrong way, it will work as a ramp instead.

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