The Biometric Rifle is a weapon in Watch Dogs.


The Biometric Assault Rifle is an assault rifle that appears to be based on the in-game ACR, which is inspired by the Magpul Masada/ Remington ACR. The entirety of the weapon features a grayscale camouflage. The barrel featured on the gun is the 266.7mm (10.5 inch) length option. The lower receiver, upper receiver, five-sided handguard design and top picatinny rail featured on the assault rifle appear near identical to the Remington ACR. The firearm also features a shorter rail on all other flat faces of the handguard (more rearward than those of the Remington ACR however). The assault rifle also features a folding butt-stock (similar in design to that of the Bushmaster ACR telescoping/folding stock). The gun also appears to utilize magazines similar in appearance to the Magpul PMAG, fitted with Gen M3 PMAG Ranger Plates. The magazines for the BAR are also finished with a camo wrap.


The special feature of this assault rifle is that it employs a biometric palm scanner around the pistol grip, limiting its use to the first person that gets hold of it.

The gun has identical range, damage and accuracy to the base model ACR, but with a higher rate of fire, and as such makes the BAR one of the best assault rifles available.


  • ACR (Standard)
  • Biometric Rifle (Camo)


  • It is an exclusive weapon of the Signature Shot Pack, but it is not available until the player completes the mission "A Wrench in the Works" (Act I, Mission 08) and unlocks both The Wards and Brandon Docks ctOS Control Centers. After doing these, a mission will appear by a coffee shop, and once this mission is completed, you will receive the rifle.


  • It is one of 12 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.


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