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The Landrock Motors Bertha is a special vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Bertha is a heavily modified school bus. The cowl that would normally cover the engine has been replaced with the face of an Oriental dragon. The sides and back of the vehicle below the windows are covered in speakers that have been strapped to the sides of the bus. The side windows have been replaced with bars attached to large flame-shaped metal plates covered in ornate designs, and the back windows have been replaced with metal grates. The door has been removed. The chassis has been elevated to accommodate much larger tires. The bus also features an attached bucket from a loader tractor.


Bertha is surprisingly fast for such a large vehicle, easily reaching speeds rivaling many muscle cars, though it lacks a good turning radius, it can handle surprisingly well on the road.

Destructive capabilities

Thanks to its massive size and bulldozer attachment, it is capable of smashing through any vehicle in the game, including buses, cable cars, and trams, though it will grind to a near-complete halt if one hits the latter. The slightest touch on any vehicle will activate the loader tractor attachment, sending the vehicle flying into the air. The speed at which the player hits a car does not seem to impact the strength of the loader tractor attachment. The vehicle also has flamethrowers mounted to the sides, which can be activated by using the horn button. Despite the fact that these flamethrowers can total the vast majority of vehicles, including large SUVs and buses in one hit, they make very poor offensive weapons against all but the weakest enemies or Pedestrians. One "blast" from the flamethrowers costs one Botnet resource. 


The Bertha is available in the Car On Demand app after installing the T-Bone Content Bundle.


  • If enough vehicles are destroyed with the Bertha, the player will automatically gain heat.
  • Despite being a school bus, Bertha can only seat one player. Others can ride on the roof, but they may fall off.