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The Targ Motors Baumsteiger is a sports car in Watch Dogs 2.


The design of the car is most likely based on the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve, and the rear lights resembles the 2010 Lexus SC 430, while hints or the car bear resemblance to the 2014 Porsche Cayman S. The Baumsteiger has a third pedal, which is the clutch pedal, meaning it has a manual transmission.


The Baumsteiger is a performance car with a high top speed and good handling, but low durability.



  • The Dangerzone: unique variant of the Baumsteiger.
  • The Auntie Shu Boys use a variant of the Baumsteiger with a white paintjob and red Shu gang symbols on the roof and sides.


  • Available in the Auto Elite car dealership, for $180,000.
  • Can commonly be seen parked around San Francisco and surrounding areas, usually in the upper-class areas.
  • Can sometimes be found driving around in traffic by civilians.


  • "Baumsteiger" means "tree climber" in German, and is also a species of poison-dart frogs that are known to climb, hence the name baumsteiger, or climber.


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