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The Baton is a melee weapon that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs: Legion.


Watch Dogs

The tactical baton is Aiden Pearce's melee weapon of choice. It is shown as a compact, retractable baton, rather than a fixed-length baton. Pearce uses the baton to disarm and injure individuals. It can also be used in stealth to to silently knock out his targets. It is one of two melee weapons seen in Watch Dogs, the other being the Wrench. There are 13 animations of Aiden taking down an enemy with a baton using specific tactics.

Watch Dogs 2

The baton also appears in Watch Dogs 2, but the player cannot use it. Police officers are armed with batons in the forms of nightsticks, but never use or drop them. Also, in the side mission Shadows, when Aiden is being held captive, a Bratva thug is seen with his phone and baton. Upon distracting him, Aiden will take the opportunity to reclaim his phone and baton to free himself and knock out the thug.

Watch Dogs: Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion and Bloodline, it is a common weapon for Albion contractors and police officers. Additionally, Aiden Pearce can use the baton as a melee weapon.


  • When Aiden tackles a Gunman, he will usually pull out his baton and strike him against the head twice. However, in reality this could result in killing the suspect rather than knocking them unconscious. If he takes down a running criminal, he will strike him in the leg then in the head.
  • He only uses the baton when he isn't spotted or has no gun equipped, or if he is fighting police officers. However, if he has a gun equipped, he will stop using the baton and use his gun during takedowns instead.
  • Strangely, when tackling a suspect during a chase, the suspect doesn't make any noise as Aiden pulls out his baton. He only makes noise when being beaten by Aiden.
  • The baton makes different noises depending on what takedown Aiden performs.
  • If the Enforcer Take Down skill has been unlocked then when Aiden uses the baton on an Enforcer, Aiden will proceed to hit the Enforcer's head until said Enforcer's body falls to the ground.
  • Unlike most of the batons made by ASP, Inc., Aiden's baton is not a friction-lock as this would require him to strike it into a hard surface to close it. Rather, it appears to close via button-lock mechanism as he is seen in-game simply closing it with only his hands, a function that exists only on the high-end product lines of ASP or other baton manufactures.


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