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I didn't do those bombings, I tried to stop those bombings. I am a patriot... And they called me a crank. 
―Richard Malik explaining to the operative that he had no part in the bombings during Operation Westminster

Barbarians at the Gate is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the eighth and final mission in the SIRS chapter.


After Richard Malik's capture in the mission The Malik Dossier, he is taken to a prison cell in the DedSec Safehouse, where the DedSec operative interrogates Malik. He claims that he was not behind the first bombings, instead saying he tried to stop them, and calls himself a patriot and wrongly accused of being a 'crank'. He knew that he had to gain some power in order to save the Empire. He also says that he thought that Zero Day was DedSec and he gives the operative a stark warning: DedSec is doomed to fail.




  • The name Barbarians at the Gate may be a reference to a line said by Wrench in Watch Dogs 2, when he said "Barbarians are at the gate, and ready to bust some Roman heads!"


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