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Bagley is a sentient AI program that assists members of DedSec in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Bagley is a sentient AI program that was created by Blume's CTO and the founder of Broca TechSkye Larsen with both CTOS 3.0 algorithms along with Bellwether and Filament programing. Its purpose was to track down and eliminate potential threats to their corrupt monopoly empire, until he was later reprogrammed and freed from Blume's control by DedSec's London cell ring leader, Sabine Brandt. In exchange, he assists DedSec members in freeing London from Blume's partners Albion and Clan Kelley.


Although he is helpful, he often replies with sarcastic remarks such as threatening the main character that he will "read them every drunken email they ever wrote until they starve." His personality is apparently a side effect of his increased capabilities compared to the "standard" Bagley.

Functions and Skills

DedSec possesses a version of Bagley with certain programming removed, which allows him to perform feats that the commercial Bagley installed in Blume Optiks cannot. His main functions are:

  • He acts as “mission control” for London’s DedSec cell alongside Sabine, coordinating missions and operations.
  • After the mission Reporting for Duty, Bagley becomes capable of creating and analyzing AR reconstructions using surveillance and CTOS data, allowing him to retrace events of the past. In the same mission, he also demonstrates the ability to overload a device's CPU to generate an electromagnetic pulse.
  • He is constantly connected to CTOS servers, allowing him to quickly obtain information or locate individuals.
  • In several missions, Bagley demonstrates the ability to hack and connect to other systems, bypassing possibly military grade encryption with relative ease.
  • If necessary, he can transfer his data to an external device, such as a drone. He does this once to assist the player in accessing Richard Malik’s safehouse, and again at the end of the game.



  • Bagley is described by the developers as a hacked version of real-world AIs, like "Alexa", or "Siri".
  • Some of Bagley's dialogue was written by Yahtzee Croshaw, the host of the YouTube video game review series Zero Punctuation. However, some lines written by Yahtzee were not used, apparently because Ubisoft deemed them "too inappropriate."[1]
  • Bagley’s name comes from a nickname apparently given to Bradley (his neural template) by Skye.


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