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Car Dealership

Marcus taking a selfie in front of an Auto Elite dealership, with a Fiammetta in the background.

Auto Elite is a car dealership in Watch Dogs 2.


Auto Elite allows Marcus to purchase vehicles, like Total Motors. Auto Elite sells expensive cars, but they are mostly novelty vehicles, ranging from modern sports cars to heavy vehicles, including the MRAP. If a vehicle is purchased, it will appear in their garage and it will be added in the Car On Demand app.

Store Description

A total of five stores are featured in Watch Dogs 2. Auto Elite stores are square shaped, one floor white buildings and have two entrances, one being left of the purchase desk and one facing the desk along with the cars. Two cars are displayed in the shop, if they are stolen Marcus will obtain heat of either a two or three. Two small desks, two chairs, a magazine stand, a printer, and a portrait of a Scafati GT can be also be found. A man at the purchase desk allows Marcus to buy cars. A person cleaning the windows, which are breakable, can also be seen.




San Francisco

Silicon Valley

List of vehicles

Heavy Vehicle
Name Price
Convoy $135,000
MRAP $180,000
Name Price
Chopper $21,250
Chopper Cruiser $21,250
Sayonara $28,000
Muscle Car
Name Price
El Cadejo $22,500
Vespid HMI $28,000
Sonarus LX $30,000
Vespid 5.2 $32,499
Vespid Lowrider $180,000
Name Price
TBT-7000 $21,250
Tributary 1500 $28,000
Sports Car
Name Price
Rotor $21,250
Carrozza $26,250
Performance Car
Name Price
336-TT $112,500
Papavero $162,000
Baumsteiger $180,000
Boxberg R1 $180,000
Scafati GT $360,000
Fiammetta $700,000
Standard Vehicle
Name Price
Asteria Prime $36,000
Magnate $37,500
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