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The Anarchist is a Skilled Operative Class in Watch Dogs: Legion.


The quintessential rabble-rouser and muck-raker, the Anarchist's every waking moment is spent fueling the fire that will burn down the institution that keeps the people oppressed. Should that fail, they will settle for making sure they leave a big enough scar that will never be forgotten.


The Anarchist typically comes equipped with the following Traits:

  • Smoke Grenade - Creates a cloud of smoke to block sight and disorient enemies
  • Studded Truncheon - Uses fast, quick hitting melee strikes that can damage through an enemy's Block
  • Bandana - Is immune to all types of gas damage


An Anarchist can be recruited into DedSec by raising the Defiance rating of the Southwark borough. They also occasionally can be found in the various protest hubs around the city.

  • In the protest area on the northwest corner of Waterloo Plaza in Lambeth, after 05:00.