Abrose Theatre
The Ambrose. Nicky and I used to catch a movie here. Now it's just some dance club.
Aiden Pearce in The Defalt Condition

The Ambrose Theatre is one of the City Hotspot locations found in The Loop and is a landmark within Chicago in Watch Dogs.


The "Theater of the World" opened October 26, 1921, and is faithfully designed in the French Baroque style that is meticulously maintained to this day. Slip backstage on a tour to discover the long-running tradition of performers signing the walls. Fascinating to me that for a theatre as old as this one, not one crime has been uncovered within its gilded doors. There has to be "some" dark secrets lurking behind those plush velvet curtains.


The Ambrose Theatre is a well-known venue in the city of Chicago. The theater is open to a variety of social functions. In the art scene, the theater featured a number of galleries, one most notable exhibition would be the Dot ConneXion art expo.

Located at the corner of Theatre Square, the structure is several stories tall and fills nearly one half of a city block. The entrance is submerged under a flashing theater billboard which advertises the theater's latest activities. The illuminated "Ambrose" label that is perpendicularly attached to the side of the masonry, is a significant landmark of the theater.


The following badges are available at this hotspot:

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Theater Buff
Theater Buff Looks like you've soaked up all the city has to offer! Check in at the Ambrose Theatre, the Phoebus Theater, and the Cree Theater.


  • The theater is inspired by the Chicago Theatre, with a similar entrance layout, vertical and horizontal signing and even an alleyway to the right of the entrance (when viewed facing towards the entrance).
  • Just like its real-life counterpart, The Loop passes above the street, located north of the building. This street is named East Lake Street.
  • In real-life, the CTA L-Train station State/Lake is located just above the intersection in which Pearce kills Joseph DeMarco. However, the station does not appear in the E3 Gameplay Demo.
  • Defalt performs in it during the mission The Defalt Condition.
  • The Ambrose can be re-entered after The Defalt Condition. However, the roof and first hallway are the only solid portions. The inside of the theater is missing all textures and solid objects, so entering the theater will cause the player to fall to their death.


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