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An infamous prison, known for being nearly impossible to escape. It figures prominently in many movies. The prison sits on an island just off San Francisco, surrounded by treacherous currents. 
―In-game description.

Alcatraz Island is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of the bay. It can only be reached by boat or by fast traveling there via a kiosk.


Alcatraz Island is an island holding a notorious abandoned prison. The outside of the island is very run down with untamed plants and broken buildings. A small tower can be also be found in the front. Many small roads and sidewalks are outlined on the island for visitors to pass through. A small recreational area holds a kiosk, a bathroom and other assortments. Unlike most locations, Marcus may freely access the inside of the prison, even the roof. Inside a tour guide is available, describing the horror of the incidents that had occurred there. The island is mildly active during the day and inactive during the night. Alcatraz provides a stunning view of San Francisco along with the rest of the Bay Area.

There are two restricted areas, both of which are controlled by the Bratva. One on the northern-most section of the island in the construction area, being patrolled by five Bratva soldiers and a guard dog, and the other is on the northeast side of the island, being patrolled by four Bratva soldiers.


  • Drone race in the south yard, below the lighthouse.
  • Yacht Race on the eastern shore of the island.


WATCH DOGS® 2 20170106112305.jpg
  • Research Point; on top of the lighthouse towards the south of the island.
  • 1 Key Data for Speed Boost, inside tunnel on the roof.
  • 1 Clothing item in the northern-most restricted area; Castro Mask.
  • 1 Clothing item in the northeast restricted area; Twin Peaks Mask.
  • 2 One Money Bags inside of northern-most restricted area; one being inside the water tunnel, the other being behind the wood in the main building.
  • 2 ScoutX locations; one being the tourist guide standing beside the lighthouse on the south side of the island, the other being the prison itself.


  • One prison themed tourist kiosk, which features the following clothing items available for purchase by Marcus.
Item Price
  • Military Cap: Morris Black
  • Military Cap: Anglin Orange
  • Henley Tee: D-Block
  • Henley Tee: The Yard
  • Souvenir Tee: Hard Time
  • Souvenir Tee: The Hole
  • Souvenir Tee: Locked Up
  • Souvenir Tank: Birdman Blue
  • Souvenir Tank: Kelly Grey
  • Souvenir Tank: Bumpy Black
  • $249
  • $249
  • $395
  • $395
  • $374
  • $374
  • $374
  • $349
  • $349
  • $349


  • The location and the prison is based on the real life Alcatraz Island.
  • This location appears in the online mission (Un)Lawful (Dis)Order.
  • The two Military Cap clothing items are named after Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers, who infamously escaped Alcatraz in 1962.
  • If Police are called while in Alcatraz, police officers will spawn around the island. Police boats may also spawn if the player or NPC is near the shore.