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Albion is a private military company charged with public security and law enforcement in London. It has replaced the Metropolitan Police Service in the majority of its duties. Albion serves as an enemy faction in Watch Dogs: Legion and its CEO, Nigel Cass, as an antagonist.



Albion flags exhibited on the Admiralty Arch.

The Albion PMC, colloquially just Albion, is a British private military company (PMC) based in London. By mandate of Her Majesty's Government, it has become the principal organization through which law enforcement is conducted in London; de facto replacing the Metropolitan Police Service. The company has assumed full practical control over the city's public security and even partial control over its courts of law. Albion flags, emblems and propaganda are featured regularly throughout London.

The company is in close cooperation with the Signals Intelligence Response Service (SIRS), which administers mass surveillance throughout London and forwards relevant information to Albion as well as with the Tidis Corporation, which provides Albion with various combat-related products, such as "autonomous drones and human-targeting algorithms". It shares various similarities with Umeni, a private security company that contracts with large corporations. Albion personnel is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and combat drones, which has enabled them to set up multiple checkpoints all over London, and has also helped them to keep tight surveillance everywhere to harass civilians.

Nigel Cass is the chief executive officer of Albion as well as the penultimate antagonist of Watch Dogs: Legion.


Protests against Albion on Trafalgar Square.

The company is noted for its frequent human and civil rights violations, regularly apprehending and trashing civilians for bogus or baseless misdemeanours and wrongdoings. Albion has at various times suppressed protests and other forms of opposition against their practices and policies.

Albion CEO Nigel Cass assisted Sabine Brandt, operating under the pseudonym Zero Day, in installing and detonating hydrogen bombs beneath several prominent sites in London. As a result, the British government indefinitely extended Albion's public security mandate and considerably expanded the company's jurisdiction and intervention rights.

Furthermore, Cass planned to introduce a drone program, in wich artificial intelligence-controlled, armed drones would have had the power to execute any civilians for alleged, and even potential, criminal behaviour. Cass fatally shot the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who accused the CEO that the drone project exceeded the authority vested in Albion by mandate of Her Majesty's Government.

Cass refused to surrender to authorities – after his role in the London bombings had been publicly revealed and the British government announced a review of Albion's mandate – instead barricading in a bunker below the Tower of London.


Protest signs before Buckingham Palace asking for the Queen's intervention.

Albion's establishment is ambiguous; in the mission Inside Albion of the chapter Zero Tolerance, it is revealed that Nigel Cass succeeded his father, Gareth Cass, as the company's chief executive. However, in the mission Justice4Claire of the chapter True Colours, it is in turn revealed that Nigel Cass is also the founder of Albion. Logically, this would mean that Nigel Cass appointed his father CEO after having founded the company and then assumed or re-assumed leadership following his father's death.

The chronological rise and success of Albion is largely unknown; the most likely scenario is that the company expanded its influence as result of automation, a subsequent and dramatic decline in employment, and the ensuing increase of crime, riots, and civil turmoil.

Albion CEO Nigel Cass assisted Zero Day in bombing three prominent sites in London by providing personnel and materials, but stopped short at actually deploying and detonating the explosives to avert any connection with the attack. Cass later unsuccessfully attempted to kill Zero Day leader Sabine Brandt. As Cass anticipated, local law enforcement was overwhelmed by the bombings, which impelled the British government to issue a mandate that charged Albion with the policing of London's civilian population. Some protesters called on the current Queen to intervene with Albion to remove curfews.

At some point Cass partnered with the Tidis Corporation to launch a project termed "THEMIS", named after the Greek deity of divine law and order. THEMIS was an automation program that would have replaced human personnel with fully automated drones, empowered to execute any civilian allegedly or potentially engaged in criminal activity without a warrant. THEMIS sought to employ the so-called "Lifescore algorithm" – a surveillance system that tightly monitors London's populace and thereby yields comprehensive information on civilians – to terminate any person before they actually commit a crime.

The project was formally introduced by Cass at a meeting of top-tier officers in the White Tower. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner who also attended the meeting, voiced his concerns and accused Cass of transcending the legal boundaries of Albion's public security mandate, suggesting to contact the Defence Minister for complementary input. Cass initially agreed, but then abruptly shot and killed the Commissioner; conveying to the remaining attendees that he would not allow for any more delays or interferences.

DedSec, which also secretly attended the meeting, proceeded to steal the schematics for an unreleased micro-drone prototype from Albion's drone manufacturing lab. The hacker group then manufactured the micro-drones and used them to breach Tidis' high-security complex in London to delete the data of the Lifescore algorithm, effectively putting THEMIS in limbo.

Following an attempted assassination of Cass, the chief executive publicly introduced THEMIS, implying that the project would nevertheless launch, despite the major setback. DedSec subsequently infiltrated the Tower Bridge and quashed Albion's telecommunication infrastructure, thereby permanently ending THEMIS. The hacker group later published a clip showcasing Cass' collaboration with ZeroDay in the London bombings, as well as the CEO's murder of the late Police Commissioner. The British government swiftly convened thereafter to review Albion's mandate. Cass responded to the seeming imminent collapse of Albion's status by refusing to concede, instead barricading in a large exploratory bunker under the Tower of London. DedSec breached the bunker and faced off Cass in a static, tank-like machine. DedSec at some point managed to demolish the apparatus and subsequently kill Cass.


Albion replaces the local police force of London, the Metropolitan Police, acting as the main law enforcement of the city. As such, Albion will replace the officers entirely and assume every law enforcement duties including arrests, pursuits, shootouts and so on. While the Metropolitan Police cannot be found on streets patrolling, they are always found at police stations alongside with Albion.

Pursuit Level

Albion will react to the player and NPCs actions accordingly. For NPCs, they will attempt to arrest them after a fist-fight and/or open fire at them should they shoot at the security members with firearms. They will also react against the Clan Kelley members. For the players, they will always attack them with fists or nightsticks until they are dropped on the ground. In other cases, depending the players' actions, they will open fire until the player is dead, regardless of the Pursuit Level. At one Pursuit Level, their actions will depend on the players' actions; If the player commits a minor crime and does not flee in vehicle, the security members will attempt to beat them until they are unconscious. If the player flees in vehicle, shoots a member, runs over a civilian or member and so on, they will open fire. The more Pursuit Levels, the more units will be dispatched after the player with drones joining in chase.


In normal duties, they can be found patrolling in a security car in either solo or duo. They are also found on streets arresting NPCs and/or beating them or scanning them. They are also found at Police Stations alongside with Metropolitan Police. The police are not much of a nuisance and will always flee if the player is armed. If a vehicle is hacked, the security members will investigate the hack and attempt to find the suspect (of which they will never find one).


Albion's driving experience is not something to underestimate as they mostly flawlessly avoid incoming vehicles during pursuit. They can be very dangerous in groups as they are often armed with automatics.


Albion contractors and employees vary in classes, from Rushers (blue uniform Albion contractors with shotguns) to Albion Employees, who will only in engage in hand-to-hand combat and will flee if a weapon is fired or drawn.

  • Albion Employees: These are unarmed Albion employees who are commonly see across London, they wear a blue jacket with the Albion logo and a cap with the Albion logo. They can participate in hand-to-hand combat but will flee and alert the nearest Albion officer (those with weapons and participate in the Wanted Levels) if a firearm, stun or not, is drawn or fired.
  • Albion Security: Albion Security are similar to Albion employees in their behaviour however they are only present at Albion bases and carry batons.
  • Regular Albion Contractors: These wear black berets, black uniforms and carry a P9 pistol. They are the first type of Albion units to arrive if the player has a Wanted Level.
  • Elite Albion Contractors: Elite Albion Contractors are equipped with a black ballistic vest combat helmet, and carry an SMG, LMG, Shotgun, or an Assault Rifle. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets such as a Kamikaze Drone and a more advanced AR Cloak.


Players can wear police uniforms and/or Albion uniforms to minimize the chance to get detected by them when trespassing in zones that are restricted to these uniforms. Speaking of that, there are three exclamation point above the head; an exclamation point that is getting filled means they are slowly recognizing the player, a fully white ones means they detected something suspicious and are investigating and a red ones means they fully recognized the player and will attack.

AI Downgrades

While there are some objective improvements, the police and pursuit system has been downgraded from Watch Dogs 2:

  • If Albion members get killed by a faction, no backup unit will respond even if you open fire in air, which is strange considering the security force patrols everywhere.
  • There are no armed foot cops.
  • The reaction range of Albion members is pretty low and they will not react to distant situations.
  • Witnesses to crimes no longer call the police, rather, heat is instantly gained if a gunshot is heard or seen by a drone or other person. If not seen by a drone or person, crimes do not cause a pursuit.
  • During search mode, Albion AI appears to "cheat"; they will always park near you once you go hiding.


The Tower of London, with the White Tower situated at the centre.

The Nexus Tower (based on The Shard).


Significant other




Chapter: Zero Tolerance
Nr. Mission Location(s) Difficulty Reward(s)
10 Gap in the Armour N/A N/A N/A
11 Inside Albion N/A N/A N/A
12 Recruit An Albion Guard N/A N/A N/A
13 Stealing Schemes N/A N/A N/A
14 In the Belly of the Beast N/A N/A N/A
Chapter: True Colours
Nr. Mission Location(s) Difficulty Reward(s)
30 Restoking the Fire N/A N/A N/A
31 Nigel's Close Shave N/A N/A N/A
32 Defanging the Flock N/A N/A N/A
33 Justice4Claire N/A N/A N/A
34 London's Protectors N/A N/A N/A




  • Albion is an alternate name for Great Britain.
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