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Alameda Creek is a large stream in the Bay Area. It runs 45 miles and is the largest watershed in the southern San Francisco Bay. 
―In-game description

Alameda Creek is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Alameda Creek is located in southern Oakland. It is north of Regwell Gun Range and south of Elmhurst.


Alameda Creek is a small waterfront area of southern Oakland, featuring several docks with moored boats, a number of buildings with a coffee shop and a sizeable parking area. The most notable feature is a restricted area to the south of the main buildings, across a small canal. This area is patrolled by 5 Umeni Security Corps personnel and 1 Blume robot.


  • 2 Research Points 1 is located in the same yard as the restricted zone, just south on top of a small building in the air duct, whilst the other is located just offshore from the docks, in-line with the northern-most one.