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The Air Shotgun is a non-lethal shotgun in Watch Dogs 2, added in the No Compromise DLC.


The Air Shotgun is a non-lethal shotgun that appears in the 3D printer if the player has bought the No Compromise DLC.


The Air Shotgun releases a powerful air blast that stuns all npcs, and pushes objects within its range. It's shots are very quiet, and the weapon itself has a very low range and fire rate. Like other non-lethal weapons in the game, it deals very low damage to other players.



  • The Air Shotgun is the only weapon in the game that has infinite ammo in clip (the weapon doesn't reload, and the ammo in clip counter always stays at 1).
  • The Air Shotgun has its own unique skin, like the Paintball Rifle. No other skins can be applied to it.
  • The Air Shotgun instantly downs heavy armored targets, even without the Stun Amp Up upgrade.