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I'm not interested in the myth, but if it helps me get Nicky, then I'll use it. 
Aiden at the start of the mission.

A Blank Spot There-ish is the fourteenth storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 5th mission of Act II.


After Aiden takes the remote from Tobias, Aiden goes to the Bunker Island, and sees that he has to power up the generators. After powering them up, Aiden goes to the Bunker's entrance and enters the Bunker with Clara. Aiden searches the IP address from Damien and finds out that the IP is located inside the Rossi-Fremont as the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Reach the island to search for the bunker.
  • Find the generators to restore power to the bunker
  • Enter the bunker through the hidden elevator.
  • Search for the power controls.
  • Power up the bunker.



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