The ATSG-12 is a fully automatic shotgun made largely out of stainless steel. It is a multi-functional weapon that can clear a room with efficiency.
―In-game Description

The ATSG-12 is a shotgun that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The shotgun is clearly based on the design of the MPS AA-12/ Atchisson Assault Shotgun. The in-game model features the same integrated fixed stock and a deep grey camouflage scheme across its body. Like its real life counterpart, the ATSG-12 is fitted with two iron sights. The in-game model employs eight-round box magazines (although they actually hold twelve rounds), each loaded with 12-gauge shells.

The ATGS-12 is unique in being a shotgun with full-auto capability, due to its employment of an API blowback operation system. The system gives the ATSG-12 firing capability similar to that of an Assault Rifle.


The gun's employment of 12-gauge shells, combined with its full-auto capability allow it to deal heavy damage at a quick rate for a good sustained duration (for a shotgun). The gun is ideally suited to taking down large numbers of close-medium range targets quickly. It is also well-suited to destroying vehicles, with one magazine being able to disable or destroy most cars even without the "Anti-Vehicle Rounds" skill. The damage per round, rate of fire and sustained fire duration make the ATSG-12 arguably the most deadly non-explosive gun in-game, as it takes 2 shots at close range to kill a single Gunman and 4 to kill an Elite, at short-medium range. However, the ATSG-12 barely does any damage to Enforcers due their heavy Ballistics armor, an explosive weapon being a better choice when fighting Enforcers. Sustained fire, however, may deal severe damage to one, especially at close range.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

  • Used by the Enforcers of SFPD SWAT.
  • As of patch 1.08, it can be printed at any 3D Printer for $24,300, but cannot be painted.


  • It is one of 12 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.
  • There are no 12-round mags for the real life AA12, which has 20 and 32-round drum magazine and 8-round box magazines.
  • It is the Enforcers' weapon of choice along with the U100.
  • The ATSG-12 is available for purchase as a "special offer", along with the G106.


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