Slot Primary
Weapon Type Full-Auto Assault Rifle
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star
Damage High
Fire Rate Medium
Range High
Stability Medium
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 30|360
Price $30,000 (Gun stores)
Appears in Watch Dogs
The ACR is the latest in American assault rifle technology. It's unmatched in knock-down power and offers good penetration. A low rate of fire keeps it in check.
―In-game description

The ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is an assault rifle that appears in Watch Dogs.


The assault rifle's design is based on that of the Magpul Masada/ Remington ACR. The model found in-game features the 266.7mm (10.5 inch) barrel option. The gun features a similar vented, five-sided handguard design to the Remington ACR and also has the top picatinny rail. The gun features a folding stock (similar in design to the ACR telescoping/folding stock currently produced by Bushmaster).


The gun uses standard 30-round magazines, and offers relatively high damage and improved range compared to other assault rifles. The gun's high strength combined with its rate of fire and sustained fire duration make it the strongest assault rifle and one of the best all-round guns available.

The assault rifle originally had a four-star rating, but for the final game, the rating is increased to five stars.




  • It is one of 12 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.


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