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This is the designated marksman version of the AC-AR. It's upgraded to be an excellent semi-automatic sniper rifle and offers basic penetration. 
―In-game description

The AC-AR is a sniper rifle in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The AC-AR is based on the Galil ACE 53, with the scope of the SVD and a 30-round STANAG mag, but in-game it holds 20 bullets. It is described as a three-round burst Sniper Rifle.

This high-end rifle is actually not a typical sniper rifle. Rather, it is a Designated Marksman's Rifle (DMR), with a modified scope and rate of fire for more flexible use. Typically, the DMR is favored by marksmen who prefer to be mobile, as the high rate of fire allows them to be useful in mid-range encounters, rather than just being restricted to stationary sniping.


The AC-AR is in fact more of a single-shot semi-automatic rifle, with a high rate of fire than a three-round burst weapon, like the MP-9mm. The shots are not extremely close together, but they are capable of being repeated multiple times. This is an extremely useful weapon, both for sniping and for mid-range encounters with multiple enemies. If the player have to buy just a sniper rifle early on in the game, consider the AC-AR for its versatility.

The weapon performs very well thanks to its DMR specifications, but isn't as powerful as a standard sniper rifle.


  • During Criminal Convoy missions, try camping out in an intersection the convoy will pass through (you can hack the traffic lights to create cover via smashed up cars). Once the convoy is in range, use the high rate of fire of the AC-AR to take down multiple targets in the convoy from a distance in a short period of time.
  • During Gang Hideout missions, try using the AC-AR to snipe rather than using conventional snipers. If you miss the target, you will be able to quickly fire off more shots before they are fully alerted to your presence.
  • Alternatively, if you don't prefer the stealth approach, you can simply gun enemies down quickly and easily when they pop out of cover, from distances where they are likely to miss you.
  • Enforcers can be difficult to take down with traditional snipers or automatics, due to their heavy armor. Getting too close to these enemies can be dangerous. Stay at a safe distance and pop out of cover, quickly firing multiple headshots in a single second with the AC-AR, taking the Enforcer down easily.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

  • The AC-AR can be printed at the 3D printer. However, like all other non-DedSec weapons, it cannot be painted.


  • The weapon's description erroneously refers it as "semi-automatic".


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