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Pistol designed by Wrench for DedSec members, packing a heavy punch designed to obliterate most targets at short range
―In-game description.

The 4N00bs Pistol is a handgun in Watch Dogs 2.


The stats for the weapon indicate that it may be a base-level handgun. It appears to have average damage, decent reload speed and respectable performance. Judging by the shape of several parts of the weapon (chiefly the slide, frame, and hammer) as well as the 8-round magazine capacity, it appears to be based on the 1911. If the player has unlocked the Fast Trigger Finger upgrade the pistol can achieve a rate of fire equal to how fast the player can press the shoot button.




  • It is, along with the 2EZ, the starting weapon for the player, as it is free. The name of this weapon also reflects this ("4N00bs" being a leetspeak of "for noobs," the term for newbies or beginners).
  • As said before, it is the counterpart of the 1911 from Watch Dogs.
  • Also, like the D50 from Watch Dogs, this gun has a golden variant known as the Protocol Pistol.


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