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The 416 is a well-built German assault rifle. A solid weapon best used for ranged fighting. 

The 416 is an assault rifle that appears in Watch Dogs.


The assault rifle has its design based on that of the Heckler & Koch HK416. The in-game model appears be based on the D14.5RS and features the 368.3mm (14.5 inch) length barrel. The assault rifle is also fitted with two iron sights. The 416 comes equipped with the original flat-back six-position stock.


The 416 is an average assault rifle, offering the a similar amount of power as the Goblin. The 416 is chambered for the use of 5.56×45mm NATO cartridges. The weapon's low strength is compensated for by a quick rate of fire, good range and 30-round magazine size, offering for sustained fire duration. it has brilliant accuracy, useful for stopping enemies from closing in, preventing close-quarters combat. However, the gun has high recoil and low bullet penetration, making it unsuitable for armored targets.


  • 416 (Standard)
  • Wildfire (Jungle/Green Camo)



  • In real life, the HK-416 is a high end and expensive rifle generally used by special forces and SWAT teams, however in Watch Dogs, it is treated as an entry level rifle.
  • Like the POF P416 (the real life version of the Goblin rifle), the 416 is a piston based variant of the AR-15 rifle.
  • The in-game 416 has an M4-style buttstock and barrel.


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