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404 is the first peer to peer hacktivist hacker group in Watch Dogs: Legion.


404 is a hacker group that operates in London. Its main purpose is to hire people to perform dangerous jobs under the guise of "contracts". In 404 Not Found, they become allies with DedSec.


The main goal of 404 is, as seen in the recruitment video Sabine Brandt shows in Initiate Sequence) is "taking down the elite", referring to stopping Project Daybreak, erase their computer systems and expose the evil side of Skye Larsen.

Known Members

The only known 404 member is Nowt, who administrates the network.


  • The name 404 is a clear reference to the 404 error that usually occurs on websites.
  • Peer to peer networks are devices which are all connected to each other. This means that all of 404's devices are connected and contain data and contracts, that they can send directly to one another without third party programs, companies and hackers who can steal, control and read the data. However, all devices in the Watch Dogs world are connected to the CTOS network, so it is unknown how this P2P network was created by 404, and what the benefits were.
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