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2013 (MMXIII) was a common year starting on Tuesday.


Real life

  • Watch Dogs was originally going to be released on November 19, but was delayed until May 27, 2014.
  • The PlayStation 4 is released on November 15, and the Xbox One on November 22.

Events of Watch Dogs

  • The events of Watch Dogs start in September, after the hit on the Merlaut Hotel, which occurred in 2012.
    • Aiden meets and hires Jordi Chin to help him solve the crisis.
    • Aiden catches the hitman who killed his niece, Maurice Vega.
    • Damien Brenks kidnaps Aiden's sister Nicole Pearce and her son Jackson, and Aiden claims revenge on Damien for this.
    • Aiden meets Clara Lille and unlocks The Bunker as a base of operations.
    • Aiden learns about Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney and eventually meets him, and they team up.
    • The Black Viceroys collapse at the hands of Aiden. Their leader, Delford "Iraq" Wade, is killed.
    • Dermot "Lucky" Quinn is eventually caught by Aiden, and he reveals that he was the one responsible for everything. Aiden kills him off by hacking his pacemaker.
    • Aiden finally gets back Nicole and Jackson and sends them out of Chicago.
    • Aiden meets Damien at the lighthouse, with Jordi betraying Aiden. Aiden kills Damien and injures Jordi.
    • Blume reveals CTOS 2.0.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

  • Marcus Holloway is arrested for being falsely accused by the Home Domain Center of taking part in a hi-tech robbery. He is eventually released with community service as punishment, but declares revenge on the HDC and begins his hacking career.