Basic, all-purpose pistol widely available to low-life thugs
―Beta Description
The 1911 is a world-renowned pistol that was once commonly used in the U.S. military. It packs a lot of stopping power at close range.
―In-game Description

The 1911 is a pistol that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The 1911 has its design based fundamentally on that of the M1911, the in-game model however is based on the modernized Kimber Custom Warrior model, but the tactical rail denotes a Kimber Custom TLE/RL II model, regularly used for law enforcement. While the Kimber Custom only holds 7 rounds with the stock magazine (8 rounds with the extended magazine), the pistol in-game holds ten. The in-game model features a stainless steel frame and slide, a lightweight trigger, beaver-tail grip safety, and integrated accessory rail.


The 1911 is a very reliable weapon in all circumstances, as it is accurate, has a reasonable clip size, and its damage is neither low nor high. it can be effective for inaccurate shooters against weaker enemies with bodyshots, and effective against all non-enforcer enemies with headshots.




Watch Dogs

  • Can be purchased at the gun stores (DB&R Weaponsmiths or Quid Pro Quo Guns), for $3,750.
  • This pistol can be picked up from enemies in the campaign.
  • The fixer who you have to kill/takedown in the Act I mission, Big Brother, carries a 1911.

Watch Dogs 2

  • Can be picked up from downed enemies.
  • As of patch 1.08, it can be purchased from any 3D printer. It cannot be painted.


1911 firing one bullet:

1911 Single Fire

1911 firing entire clip:

1911 Full Clip

1911 reloading:

1911 Reload


  • The 1911 uses the same 3D model as the 1911 in Far Cry 3, another Ubisoft game.


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