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Once a bustling train station in Oakland, the 16th Street Station is now an historical landmark. It's being restored as part of a local redevelopment project.
―In-game description.

16th Street Station is a world location in Watch Dogs 2.


16th Street Station is located on the east side of the map in northern Oakland. It is north of Prescott and south of Starter Oil Company.


16th Street Station is an abandoned train station in ruins. Outside a large community garden, trash, graffiti, and construction can be seen. The inside of the building is restricted, guarded by three members of The 580s and a guard dog. It has two floors, both indoor and outdoor. A small desk can be found in the middle of the station. The community of Oakland can be seen frequenting the station. Many help with the garden and chat with other residents.


  • 1 Money Bag in tunnel located on the northern roof.